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How it Works

Intelligent Observation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use hand hygiene monitoring system. See how our innovative technology helps improve compliance and prevent infections.

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What is NFMI Technology?

Intelligent Observation uses near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology to safely and accurately record every single hand hygiene compliance event in a healthcare facility 24/7/365.

Highly Accurate

NFMI uses a thin, low-power magnetic field to transmit communications between devices. NFMI is highly configurable and its signal is extremely accurate on a wearable device – something not possible with RFID solutions.

Safe & Secure

NFMI is FDA-approved for use in implantable human devices such as pacemakers or hearing aids. This technology is also used by the military for secure, accurate wireless communication.


NFMI is ultra-low power, pulling only one-fifth the power of Bluetooth. This allows for battery-operated devices with up to three-year life spans—no recharging required.

Accuracy You Can See

Our solution offers near real-time data—down to room level and individual healthcare worker level—and includes personalized scorecards for healthcare workers to help continually improve your hospital’s hand hygiene compliance.


Intuitive Dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to find the data you need, right when you need it.


Individual Scorecards

Personalized scorecards provide tips to self-monitor and also help inform employee training.