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About Us

We strive to reduce healthcare-acquired infections and create safer overall hospital environments by completely replacing visual observation for mandatory hand hygiene compliance monitoring.


  • Is near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology safe?

    Yes! NFMI is FDA-approved for use in implantable human devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids.

  • Does Intelligent Observation cost more than visual observation?

    No! In fact, we will work with your hospital to ensure that the cost of our solution is the same or less than your current visual observation cost.

  • Is a healthcare facility required to purchase hardware and are there other upfront costs when purchasing the Intelligent Observation solution?

    No! Intelligent Observation operates as a subscription service so there is no hardware to purchase and no upfront capital expenditure required by our customers.

  • Is the installation and ongoing maintenance process complex?

    We try to make the installation process as seamless as possible. Our hardware is primarily battery operated and there is no new wiring that is required to patient rooms.

  • How will this affect my LeapFrog Hospital Grade?

    Adding Intelligent Observation can automatically help you raise your hand hygiene compliance to 100 percent!

  • How is Intelligent Observation different from a RFID tracking system?

    NFMI is very different than RFID. NFMI Is significantly more accurate, more detailed and less expensive than RFID systems.

  • What is included in my monthly subscription fee?

    Your monthly subscription fee includes hardware, installation, training for staff members who will be using the smart badges, a cloud-based dashboard displaying data and all ongoing maintenance. We even handle staff badge add/deletes/modifications as part of our service.

  • Does my IT Department have to support this solution?

    No, your IT department has absolutely no support requirements for our solution. We do not use a hospitals existing WiFi infrastructure, we do not touch patient health information and we do not interface with a facilities EHR.


See how Intelligent Observation is creating a new standard for hand hygiene compliance monitoring.


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